The Crossroads of Should and Must


The Crossroads of Should and Must


I’ve done this before…it’s so awesome!
Using a whisk is a great idea, when we did it we just tied the string directly around the wool, and it would burn through and send the wool flying far away! (don’t do that) Follow the directions below for an awesome time, and bring a camera…because it will be awesome.


DIY: How to Lightpaint with Steel Wool

To honor the fires of love, our pal Mike Benson put together this awesomely thorough tutorial on how to (safely) lightpaint with steel wool!

The main ingredients? SAFETY, a whisk, steel wool, and a camera.


“Becoming a Legend” Series by RileyRiot on Redbubble.


This is such a GREAT idea…well I guess depending on how comfortable those little boats are…

December 5, 2012 screening of Life of Pi at the Piscine Pailleron in Paris, France

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